Transformative Words

Empowering Words to Change Your Life

In order to change your world you have to change the way you view the world. 

The wisdom in 'Transformative Words' will help you to do just that.

Come back to the words again and again because they will have new, deeper meaning as you grow and evolve in life.

Welcome to what I believe to be one of the most valuable documents on the planet.

In 'Transformative Words' you will find some of the most empowering sentences and paragraphs from the HUNDREDS of self help books, audio programs, seminars, research papers and more that I have studied over the past ten years.

These are some of the most profound, life changing thoughts from dozens of different authors that I purposely picked out and wrote down because of the impact and change they can create.

Because they are paragraphs and sentences from different books, papers and audio programs this isn't meant to be read like a book, as such.

It doesn't flow and it can seem disjointed.

So don't read one paragraph, move onto the next, read that one, move onto the next and so on...

Instead, read a sentence and paragraph and STOP and think about it.

Think about how that tip, strategy or piece of wisdom can be used in your life for self improvement and the impact it can make. Then move on.

Just one sentence can change everything.