From Readers of My Book 'Where to Start with Self Help - How to Turn Little Thought Changes into BIG Life Changes'

sarah p

Who hasn't browsed through a self-help section of a book store or on Amazon and thought, 'Wow, where do I start?'

There's so much information out there that it can be daunting to know what book or advice to follow. This book breaks down the basics for you if you're looking for ways to make small adjustments to your life. It's the starting point for self-reflection and improvement that can help with many aspects of your life.

I recently started with guided meditation and wanted to find something to help me find other ways to improve myself and my state of mind. "Where to Start with Self Help" was just what I needed. It is easy to read and provides a great overview of some great ways to get started. The chapters are well organized and full of useful tips.

I especially appreciated the Chapter 4: Acceptance, and the sections on learning to accept yourself. Overall a great book. 

sean sumner

At first thought, I was like, "Not another self-help book!" but I was surprised at just how great the content is and how helpful the author is with her self-help nuggets.

I really enjoyed the chapter on "Find Your Passion" as this is something I truly believe everyone should be able to do. The checklists are great and allow you to take actionable steps forward. A great read, but set aside some time for this, as it is not a short-read!

lise c

sandy schultz

Reading this book will move you forward on your journey to a new life!

A GREAT BOOK to get the best self help tips from someone who has 20 years experience with top people in the industry. This book is easy to read and full of helpful knowledge. No need to go out and spend a fortune to find information on self help because it's all here in one place for you to get all the self help information you need. Reading this book will move you forward on your journey to a new life!

With the endless amount of self help books and theories out there, I have to say this book is a fantastic first step. If you feel overwhelmed by it all and wonder where to start, this book is it. It gives both the basics of human nature and a bunch of very practical steps to start your journey of self discovery, fulfilment and lots more happiness. And all in plain language that anyone can grasp.

mikal neilsen

The author is right, even though nothing in the book is a brand new idea, it is incredibly helpful to have all this amazing info organized and in one place.

Reading this was a great spiritual refresher and I highly recommend it! 

alexandra katz

lucy d

Two questions from the book are so relevant to me in everyday life.

I loved this book because the author's purpose was to distill ideas and thoughts through her own discovery of self help. I love reading self-help books and she summarized so many ideas into one little book. I liked the way the book was organized with a summary checklist at the end of each chapter of basically actions to follow. Two questions from the book are so relevant to me in everyday life: "Is this thought (or action) helping me or hindering me?" and "Does it matter in the grand scheme of things?" . This is a very readable book with very appropriate suggestions for becoming the person you are meant to be.